Dr. Jacob Waller, DC, CSCS

Mill Creek Chiropractic | Dr. Jacob Waller, DC, CSCS

Dr. Jacob Waller opened Performance Chiropractic Clinic with one goal in mind: to give people the most advanced care for their muscles and joints, including education and training about how to have healthier and stronger bodies.

As a physician with a doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, Dr. Waller is committed to showing his patients how to achieve optimal health. In addition to his foundational chiropractic training, he has advanced his knowledge and experience through post-graduate training in spine and core stabilizing exercises, postural retraining, and nutrition. Dr. Waller believes each of these components work together with the chiropractic adjustment to restore our bodies to optimal health and function; when our bodies are not working at their peak, we are more susceptible to injuries like low back and neck pain, headaches, and sciatica.

After completing his internship and working at a sports chiropractic clinic in California’s Bay Area, Dr. Waller realized a simple, yet commonly overlooked principle: Teaching patients specific yet simple and low-tech exercises speeds recovery and helps people avoid becoming dependent on the chiropractic adjustment. Patients don’t need to return over and over again for relief from the same pain. If they do return it’s to optimize the function of their body.

Dr. Waller believes that providing detailed, patient-specific education is an extremely important step to achieving optimal health. As a result, many of his patients have commented that he is very encouraging and supportive and has a great way of explaining what their body’s need.